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Blu Bathworks Print As Poster

art direction / design / image edit

photography: unknown


PDF Version of the Look Books

art direction / look book design / content creation / image edit

photography: unknown

PDF Version of the Pamphlets


pamphlet design / content creation / image edit + renders


PDF Version of the Website

website design / content creation / image edit

photography: unknown

Logo Design

logo design / title page design / showroom vinyl designs

Trade show

3D Rendering of the Trade Show Booth Design >>

Technical drawings of the Trade Show Booth Design >>

Social Media Promotion before and during the Trade Show >>

booth design / product curation / vinyl design / managed booth / social media

photography: Michael Huynh

Fenix Vanity Video_LR
Play Video

icon designs for video

art direction / videography / filming / video edit / icon design 

Social Media

Blu Bathworks Social Platforms

Created and curated contents for all social media outlet. Grown following by 101% over the first year, currently at 90% growth from last year. Overall growth over the last two years 238%+.

content creation / strategic curation / engagement + collaboration /  videography / banner design 

Sales Banner

market testing / marketing campaign / designed banner + flyers / sale promotion

Image Edits

Coming Soon...

rendering / colour correction / photoshop edits / image creation

photography: Michael Huynh

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